20140502-170909I’ve been thinking a lot about the beautiful rituals and ceremonies I was able to witness during my brief time in India. What makes us, as human beings, strive to find ways to connect to ideas, concepts and energies that are bigger than us? I started to look at my own personal yoga practice… what uses of ritual do I incorporate to make it “yoga” verses contortion or simply exercise? How do I weave this practice on the mat into my life to allow me to be a more present and sane mother, wife, teacher, etc?

Listening to a lecture by Dr. Douglas Brooks, a fabulous teacher of Tantric Philosophy, I was struck by his description of the visage of Agni, the sacred fire. Viewed as a priestly figure, his appearance evokes the imagination, with flames for hair, a sharp jaw and bright teeth, and seven tongues, like that of the sacred sacrificial fire. He represents the power of transformation and transmutation, as he takes the offerings we throw into the fire and changes them into smoke and heat, thus offering up our hopes, prayers and dreams to the Universe.

At that moment I realized… It’s the offering that is key.

What am I willing to give, so that I may evolve?

I give my Time, my Attention, my Breath, my Intention and my Sweat, to the Agni that is within. The inner fire. My Tapas, if you will.

Every day.

Sometimes it’s 10min, sometimes it’s 1.5hrs.

Every. Day.

What are you willing to offer into that sacred fire so your pleas may be heard?

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